Isnin, 16 Januari 2012

Nursing: A Calling to Help Other People

Expert Author Jane M Andrews

Being a nurse is not a joke; in fact their job is very stressful that some of them do not have the energy to do the things they used to do. Being a nurse is more of a vocation than a money-making career. Their duty is to make sure that the patients are well taken care of but some of these nurses would even extend their work by making sure that the relatives of the patients feel that they are not alone and that the nurses are always there to make sure that their loved ones will feel better and if possible help their patients go back to their normal lives.

But despite the heavy responsibilities of being a nurse, why is it that there are still many people who want to be a nurse? One of the many reasons why many people are switching careers to being a nurse is because of the fact that the pay is big time and the benefits are endless. If you are one of the many people who want to help take care of the sick and be well taken care of by the company you worked for, you should consider being a nurse since many of these nurses are receiving big amount of money as a compensation as well as big time health benefits. It is true that being a nurse means giving more of your time, patience and your heart to your patients on the other hand you get more perks and health benefits than any other career in the country.

There are companies that offer their nurses paid time off so you, as a nurse, can enjoy vacationing in Boracay or Bahamas any time of the year! Imagine being able to take a paid vacation for almost 100 hours and that's excluding the sick leave. Another benefits any nurse can get is an impressive off-shift differential or holiday incentives. This is usually given to nurses who opt to work during the evenings or even during the holidays. Many people would decide to work during special holidays like Christmas or Independence Day simply because they know that they will be given a hearty incentive for that. There are still many monetary benefits any nurse can receive including on call pay as well as weekend shift incentives. Aside from that nurses are also entitled to great health care benefits that usually cover dental care, life insurance vision as well as prescription coverage that would cater to any nurses' healthcare needs. This simply means that even minor health expense like prescription drugs will be taken care of by the company that you worked and most importantly you have a life insurance.

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