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How to Become a Health Inspector

By Althaf Ahmed

A health inspector is a person charged with the duty of checking restaurants and ascertaining that they operate in safe and hygienic conditions. In addition, they also inspect housing units plus such environments that serve the general public as nursing homes and swimming pools. Their aim is to ensure that health and safety codes are adhered to. Numerous individuals may want to become health inspectors but may not know how to go about it. There are a few easy to follow steps on how to become a health inspector.

For one to become a health inspector, they have to have the interests. The first step involves an individual conducting online research with an aim of selecting institutions offering health inspection related training programs. Only programs with accredited services should be chosen. Individuals should ascertain just how much time it takes to complete the program. Some health inspection programs award candidate's certificates while others award degrees upon completion. Individuals should only select program that are in line with their needs.

While making the all important decision of what program they should settle for they should understand that a degree in health inspection opens up more opportunities than a certificate. Once the appropriate program has been selected, the individual may then enroll into an institution. However, it is also possible for individuals to enroll for an online program. To qualify as a health inspector, individuals have to train for between one and six years. This depends on the education level an individual wants to achieve. Accordingly, it takes much longer to qualify for a degree than it does for a certificate.

Upon graduation, it is important that individuals take the time to intern at their local public health department. Through internship, individuals gain the necessary practical knowledge plus experience in the health inspectorate field. Once an individual is through with internship, they should then seek professional accreditation. This demands that they review such accreditation institutions as Board of Certified Safety Professional (BCSP). To become Certified Safety Professionals (CSP) and be awarded a certificate, individuals are required to takes and pass an accreditation test. To increase their marketability, individuals should strive to be accredited by as many institutions as is possible.

A health inspector is required to interact with and interview numerous people. More over, they are required to provide reports on the findings. Accordingly, good communication and people skills come especially handy. Nevertheless, even with adequate training, individuals should be well prepared for on the job challenges.

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