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How to Become a Health Inspector

By Althaf Ahmed

A health inspector is a person charged with the duty of checking restaurants and ascertaining that they operate in safe and hygienic conditions. In addition, they also inspect housing units plus such environments that serve the general public as nursing homes and swimming pools. Their aim is to ensure that health and safety codes are adhered to. Numerous individuals may want to become health inspectors but may not know how to go about it. There are a few easy to follow steps on how to become a health inspector.

For one to become a health inspector, they have to have the interests. The first step involves an individual conducting online research with an aim of selecting institutions offering health inspection related training programs. Only programs with accredited services should be chosen. Individuals should ascertain just how much time it takes to complete the program. Some health inspection programs award candidate's certificates while others award degrees upon completion. Individuals should only select program that are in line with their needs.

While making the all important decision of what program they should settle for they should understand that a degree in health inspection opens up more opportunities than a certificate. Once the appropriate program has been selected, the individual may then enroll into an institution. However, it is also possible for individuals to enroll for an online program. To qualify as a health inspector, individuals have to train for between one and six years. This depends on the education level an individual wants to achieve. Accordingly, it takes much longer to qualify for a degree than it does for a certificate.

Upon graduation, it is important that individuals take the time to intern at their local public health department. Through internship, individuals gain the necessary practical knowledge plus experience in the health inspectorate field. Once an individual is through with internship, they should then seek professional accreditation. This demands that they review such accreditation institutions as Board of Certified Safety Professional (BCSP). To become Certified Safety Professionals (CSP) and be awarded a certificate, individuals are required to takes and pass an accreditation test. To increase their marketability, individuals should strive to be accredited by as many institutions as is possible.

A health inspector is required to interact with and interview numerous people. More over, they are required to provide reports on the findings. Accordingly, good communication and people skills come especially handy. Nevertheless, even with adequate training, individuals should be well prepared for on the job challenges.

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Isnin, 16 Januari 2012

Nursing: A Calling to Help Other People

Expert Author Jane M Andrews

Being a nurse is not a joke; in fact their job is very stressful that some of them do not have the energy to do the things they used to do. Being a nurse is more of a vocation than a money-making career. Their duty is to make sure that the patients are well taken care of but some of these nurses would even extend their work by making sure that the relatives of the patients feel that they are not alone and that the nurses are always there to make sure that their loved ones will feel better and if possible help their patients go back to their normal lives.

But despite the heavy responsibilities of being a nurse, why is it that there are still many people who want to be a nurse? One of the many reasons why many people are switching careers to being a nurse is because of the fact that the pay is big time and the benefits are endless. If you are one of the many people who want to help take care of the sick and be well taken care of by the company you worked for, you should consider being a nurse since many of these nurses are receiving big amount of money as a compensation as well as big time health benefits. It is true that being a nurse means giving more of your time, patience and your heart to your patients on the other hand you get more perks and health benefits than any other career in the country.

There are companies that offer their nurses paid time off so you, as a nurse, can enjoy vacationing in Boracay or Bahamas any time of the year! Imagine being able to take a paid vacation for almost 100 hours and that's excluding the sick leave. Another benefits any nurse can get is an impressive off-shift differential or holiday incentives. This is usually given to nurses who opt to work during the evenings or even during the holidays. Many people would decide to work during special holidays like Christmas or Independence Day simply because they know that they will be given a hearty incentive for that. There are still many monetary benefits any nurse can receive including on call pay as well as weekend shift incentives. Aside from that nurses are also entitled to great health care benefits that usually cover dental care, life insurance vision as well as prescription coverage that would cater to any nurses' healthcare needs. This simply means that even minor health expense like prescription drugs will be taken care of by the company that you worked and most importantly you have a life insurance.

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Jurang ketara gaji kumpulan atasan, rendah

JABATAN Perkhidmatan Awam (JPA) telah mengeluarkan Pekeliling Perkhidmatan Saraan Baru Perkhidmatan Awam (SBPA) yang sememangnya dinanti-nantikan oleh semua penjawat awam.

Banyak perubahan di bawah SBPA seperti jadual gaji sebaris, pemansuhan PTK, dasar pemisah, PROSPEK, unsur persaraan dinaikkan kepada 60 tahun dan lain-lain.

Namun demikian masih terdapat perkara-perkara yang perlu dilihat semula di bawah SBPA, antaranya wujud perbezaan yang amat ketara kenaikan gaji bagi kumpulan atasan dengan kumpulan rendah.

Kumpulan atasan mendapat kenaikan beribu-ribu ringgit manakala kumpulan rendah hanya naik ratusan ringgit. Sebagai contoh, Gred 4-3 (dahulunya 22) gaji maksimum SSM RM3,134.53 naik kepada SBPA RM3,530 iaitu kenaikan sebanyak RM395.47 sahaja. Sudahlah kenaikan sedikit, ditambah pula tiga tangga lagi daripada SSM T1 hingga T12 kepada SBPA T1 hingga T15.

Sepatutnya dengan kenaikan yang tidak seberapa, tidak perlu ditambah daripada T12 kepada T15. Manakala kenaikan gaji tahunan SSB RM107.39 kepada SBPA pula ialah RM115. Ini bermakna bertambah hanya RM7.61. Bayangkan dengan peningkatan kos sara hidup kini yang tinggi dengan kenaikan gaji amat tidak setimpal.

Satu perkara lagi yang perlu dilihat semula ialah penambahbaikan skim perkhidmatan bagi kumpulan pelaksana, khususnya gred 17 seperti guru maktab, jururawat, juruteknik dan lain-lain telah dinaik taraf.

Bahkan kumpulan yang dulunya lebih rendah daripada Gred 17 seperti pembantu tadbir rendah (jurutaip), operator telefon, tukang masak dan beberapa jawatan lain kini telah setaraf dengan Gred 17. Kami dalam Gred 17 rasa amat terpinggir sedangkan kami adalah kumpulan pelaksana yang paling ramai dalam sektor awam.

Adalah diharapkan kerajaan dan JPA dapat meneliti semula beberapa kelemahan yang wujud di bawah SBPA supaya penjawat awam khususnya kumpulan rendah atau pelaksana tidak merasa terpinggir dalam setiap perubahan skim baru.


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