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Good Blog Content

By Jeremy Long Chia Teik

In blogging, content is the lifeline of blogs. It is what makes each blog ticks, come alive or stand out from the rest. We cannot dispute the fact that content is the driver and the direction that the blog is moving is controlled by this driver. Whether we like it or not, content remains the primary yardstick to the success of each blog. Therefore, it is not wrong to say that good blog content matters the most as far as the success of the blog is concerned.

Blog content is read within the posts that are placed in the blog. It follows therefore that before posts can be made, content must be developed first. Such content development can be initiated through writing, compiling and linking. No matter which route is chosen for content generation, the fact still remains that it has to be developed first and has to be of quality and relevance to the title of your blog, that is to say, it must agree with your niche.

Often a mind-boggling question is the topic of frequency of posting. How often is a blogger required to submit new posts? What kind of posting schedule is preferred or should be followed? There are really no hard and fast rules concerning the frequency of submitting fresh posts. The one thing to look at is how much time can be spared for writing the new posts. Each post would require different amount of time to think out what you intend to say, read and edit what is being written and counter-checking spelling or grammatical errors. The point here to emphasize is that a fresh post will be best written at a time slot which you really can afford to spare, so that it will not be completed without inspiration but with refreshing zest and creative imagination.

Blog content may be generated in various styles best suited to your blog:

(1) Compiled -- This permits quoting content from other blogs or experts with proper referencing .

(2) Narrative -- Similar to an essay which can either be lengthy or short.

(3) Link lists -- This style is time-saving. What is needed is merely creating the links and organizing them.

(4) Supplementary links -- This requires creating the links in HTML within your posts for content similar to yours.

Throughout the presentation of the blog content, it is always good to be the voice of the blog, that is to say, be yourself. Write as you think and keep the thoughts flowing smoothly, continuously and creatively real. Should any idea for a blog post pops up, it is always beneficial to write it down first and post it later. Do not neglect this idea as it may turn out to be your blog's number one post!

To write good posts, good content is the prerequisite. This can be generated if it follows certain guidelines:

(1) Be attention-seeking

A piece of good content is attention seeking. It contains information that is helpful and valuable to visitors who will return to source for others. Your blog will be bookmarked in the process. It will become a popular resource blog.

(2) Inducing subscription

With the content that is updated on a regular basis, it is good to provide visitors with a subscription feature. They will be able to subscribe through the feed system on your blog.

(3) Always aiming for more links

None is further from the truth that if your blog has more incoming links, your rankings on search engines will vastly improve. This is a result that will happen only after your blog has gained a favorable impression with other bloggers in terms of good blog content. In their eyes, your blog is their valuable resource center.

(4) Welcoming comments

To encourage openness and friendly interaction, always encourage visitors to post their comments on your blog. It is good for self-development. Comments should be taken with a positive mindset.

(5) Encourage action-taking

In your content, it is always possible to arouse the interest and urgency of the visitors to engage them in your call-to-action undertaking. It has to be one call that is strong and emphatic.

When there is a vast amount of posts on your blogs, it is good to place them into archives. The archive feature stores and places your posts in neat arrangement on daily, weekly and monthly basis. Your posts should be placed in categories that they fit into. Categories can be customized to your taste, style and creativity.

Generating good blog content should be the dream of every blogger. It will bring satisfaction and joy knowing that your blog content is well read by visitors and that your blog has turned out to be the hot favorite as a valuable resource.

Webmaster: Jeremy Long Chia Teik.

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