Ahad, 15 November 2009

Orange juice weakens teeth enamel (The Sun Daily)

fruit juice such as orange juice could be worse for your teeth than whitening, according to a recent study published in the Journal of Dentistry.

A research team from the Eastman Institute for Oral Health of the University of Rochester Medical Centre used a new focus-variation vertical scanning microscope to compare the effects of acid on tooth enamel with the effects of 6% hydrogen peroxide, the common ingredient in over-the-counter teeth whitening agents.

The study found that the acid from fruit juice changes the hardness and enamel of teeth significantly more than whitening agents.

"The acid is so strong that the tooth is literally washed away,’"said Yan Fang Ren, who led the research. "The orange juice decreased enamel hardness by 84%."

Juices and sodas have long been known to have high acidic content, which can affect enamel hardness and cause tooth erosion.

Weakened enamel accelerates degeneration of the tooth and increases the risk of tooth decay. Whitening has also been shown to affect the hardness of teeth, but this is the first study to compare the two.

"Most soft drinks, including sodas and fruit juices, are acidic in nature," Yan said.

"Our studies demonstrated that orange juice, as an example, can potentially cause significant erosion of teeth."

He added that drinking sodas and juices daily could heighten the risk of tooth erosion.

The study also found that the longer teeth are in contact with the acid, the more severe the erosion will be.

"People who sip their drinks slowly over 20 minutes are more likely to have tooth erosion than those who finish a drink quickly," the report stated. – AFP-Relaxnews

Tips for stronger teeth

quality of your teeth is often used as a measurement of your general health. Keeping your teeth strong and healthy not only gives you a pearly white smile, it protects your mouth and other parts of your body.

Cavities and infections in the mouth can cause a range of other ailments such as ear infections and mouth pain.

Here are some steps to follow for strong, healthy teeth:

» Brush your teeth with a soft toothbrush at least twice a day (after you wake up and before you go to bed).

» Floss at least once every day to ensure that food doesn’t deteriorate between your teeth and end up creating cavities that can weaken your teeth. Flossing also helps circulate the blood into your gums, which support your teeth.

» Rinse with a mouthwash that contains fluoride at least once a day. Fluoride strengthens your enamel and prevents soft spots, which have the potential to turn into cavities.

» Consume foods that are high in calcium and vitamin D, which promote bone health.

» Eat a balanced diet that includes fruits, vegetables and protein.

--- The Sun Daily

Khamis, 5 November 2009

Nurses calling for safer staffing (BBC News)

Nurses bending over elderly patient
More than half of nurses surveyed said they did not have enough time

Four out of 10 nurses say staff shortages compromise patient care at least once a week, according to the Royal College of Nurses.

An RCN manifesto to all the political parties says NHS employers must assure themselves they have safe staff levels.

The RCN, whose survey covers the views of 9,000 nurses, is warning against job cuts due to possible reduced funding.

NHS trusts said managers were increasingly examining their workforces to best use the skills of their staff.

'Heavy workload'

Stand up for staff who speak out
Safer staffing levels
Give nurses time to train
Regulate the drinks industry
Improve care for long-term conditions
Current levels of health spending should be maintained

The RCN has issued its 2009 Employment Survey which covers the views of 9,000 nurses.

It shows that more than half (55%) say they are too busy to provide the level of care they would like.

Almost two thirds (67%) consider their workload is too heavy.

And nurses say they are looking after more patients on the wards.

Dr Peter Carter, head of the RCN, said staff were concerned that they were delivering the basics but were unable to provide the full range of quality care they would like.

He said: "Nurses and healthcare assistants feel up against it, worn down and exhausted by the pressure to make efficiencies and frustrated by being prevented from delivering the quality of care they want to be providing."


The RCN are also warning of a shortfall in the number of nurses in coming years.

The RCN's Labour Market Review said about 200,000 nurses are expected to retire in the next 10 years, there will be fewer newly qualified nurses and fewer nurses moving to the UK because of restrictions on migration.

The RCN says the impact of growing retirements from the profession will be felt first in the community sector where most of the nurses tend to be older.

Dr Carter said: "The nursing workforce has grown in recent years but only just enough to keep up with rising demands on healthcare.

"We expect the next few years will be the most challenging for staff levels in decades.

"There is considerable pressure to focus on short-term funding constraints and cut staff numbers without taking patient needs into consideration.

"Policy makers must look at the workforce in conjunction with their ability to deliver high quality and safe care."

Karen Charman, head of employment services at NHS Employers which represents trusts in England, said NHS organisations certainly needed to have a clear method of working out safe staffing levels in order that patient care was not harmed.

"There are a number of different ways of achieving this and we believe that this should be determined at local level," she said.

"Advice from professional bodies is extremely important to help trusts ensure that clinical standards and staffing levels are right to ensure the safety of patients.

"However, fixed staffing ratios do not provide the flexibility to meet differing local circumstances and care settings

"Employers are increasingly examining the different roles within their workforce to best use the skills of their staff."

Kannika Damrong pelajar terbaik Kolej Kejururawatan Melaka (Utusan Malaysia Online)

ARKIB : 28/10/2009

SEBAHAGIAN graduan Majlis Konvokesyen Kolej Kejururawatan Melaka Ke-8 di Melaka, semalam. - utusan/Gaie Uchel

MELAKA 27 Okt. - Mengharungi hidup tanpa bapa tersayang, tidak mematahkan semangat Kannika Damrong Pradid, 25, untuk menerima Anugerah Graduan Akademik dan Kurikulum Terbaik pada Konvokesyen Kolej Kejururawatan Melaka Ke-8 hari ini.

Beliau antara 75 pelajar kolej berkenaan yang menerima Diploma Kejururawatan pra asas daripada kumpulan Julai 2006.

Buat Kannika Damrong, dia tidak menyangka berkat kesungguhannya selama beberapa tahun membuahkan hasil apabila berjaya meraih anugerah tersebut.

''Bagi saya, seseorang pelajar atau pelatih jururawat itu harus bijak mengatur masa dan aktiviti riadah memastikan semuanya berjalan dengan teratur," katanya yang berasal dari Kelantan.

Pada majlis itu, keseluruhan seramai 223 pelajar termasuk 148 menerima sijil dan selebihnya diploma masing-masing.

Majlis tersebut telah disempurnakan oleh Pengarah Kesihatan negeri, Datuk Dr. Azmi Hashim.

Kannika Damrong yang memperoleh keputusan 3.45 purata nilai gred keseluruhan (CGPA) berkata, dia menggunakan masa sepenuhnya ketika berada di dalam kuliah.

''Saya hadiahkan kejayaan ini kepada ibu saya yang sentiasa memberi pendorong kepada saya untuk menerima anugerah ini," katanya.

Sementara itu, bagi Rabiatul Adawiah Abu Bakar, 22, yang menerima Anugerah Graduan Cemerlang Akademik melahirkan rasa gembira atas kejayaan tersebut.

Katanya lagi, dia mengamalkan belajar secara berkumpulan bagi memastikan keputusan praktikal dan akademik mencapai keputusan yang baik.

''Saya mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih kepada kedua ibu bapa serta tenaga pengajar yang tidak pernah putus memberi sokongan dan mendorong sehingga saya mencapai kejayaan ini," katanya.

Pada majlis tersebut juga sepasang suami isteri, Zulkarnain Mohd. Iskandar, 32, dan Rozita Rashid, 28, masing- masing menerima sijil kursus Pos Basik Kebidanan dan Perawatan Ortopedik.

Pasangan itu menyifatkan kejayaan ini merupakan berkat usaha gigih mereka.

''Setiap masalah yang timbul kami galas sebagai cabaran kerana semua itu mengajar kami untuk jadi yang terbaik sepanjang mengikuti kursus selama enam bulan ini.

''Saya dan isteri harus bijak mengawal emosi ketika berhadapan dengan anak dan kerjaya serta menjalankan latihan kursus yang telah ditetapkan.

''Malah, ada satu ketika, kami terpaksa bersengkang mata untuk mengulang kaji di musim peperiksaan kerana pada waktu siang, komitmen terhadap kerjaya dan anak-anak harus diberikan terlebih dahulu," katanya yang mempunyai dua cahaya mata berusia dua dan empat tahun.

Do Nursing Career Opportunities Still Exist?

By Matt Murren

Nursing is one of the fastest growing in most in demand skill sets in the health care market today. With the increase in retirees over the next 5-10 years, nursing will continue to grow. The demand should outstrip the supply for years to come. This means lots of nursing career opportunities for you. If you are not sure what opportunities exist in nursing, we will cover those in this article.

Is currently estimated at their over 100,000 vacant nursing positions at the moment. Over the next 10 to 20 years experts expect this number to increase well over 100,000 as baby boomers swing in the full retirement and require more hands-on care. Does this mean for you? Big opportunities ahead…

One of the largest advantages of considering a nursing career is the pay. Nurses make anywhere from $45,000 to $65,000 per year. I’d say that’s a great opportunity. In addition, most nurses typically receive a signing bonus and excellent benefits.

The opportunities to continue to expand as traveling nurses as well as home health care options become greater and greater. The most common settings for nurses are still Hospital’s, Physician offices, and outpatient care facilities.

Before you can jump in and take advantage of all the benefits you must decide what field in nursing you want to pursue. Here are some of the entry level requirements after high school to become a nurse.

· Associates Degree in Nursing: The Associates Nursing Degree is offered at junior and community colleges. This is a 2 to 3 year program that will prepare you for patient care.

· Bachelor in Nursing: This is a four year program offered at colleges and universities. Bachelors of Nursing students have the greatest career opportunities in the nursing field.

· Licensed Practical Nurse: LPN’s are usually under the direct supervision of RN’s and Doctors. They typically take vital signs , temperatures etc.

· Hospital Diploma Programs: These programs are 2-3 year programs that prepare nurses in a variety of care scenarios.

All nurses must pass the RN exam which is accredited nationally. Nursing is a great career for those that want the ability to relocate. Nursing careers exist all of the United States, especially in areas where people are moving for retirement.

There are also many specialties you may find yourself interested in. After you achieve your degree or certification you may want to consider nursing experience in pediatrics, surgical, PeriAnesthiesia, or Informatics. These are only a few of the options available to you in the nursing career.

Some nurses find that once they get into a direct care environment, they are able to get a sense as to what specialty is for them. Many times, those nurses that go after specialization will make a little more money as it requires additional training and studying.

I think you will be happy with your decision to enter a nursing career. Best wishes in your new adventures.

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A Nursing Job That's Right For You

By Sue Holsinger

If you're considering a nursing job, you'll have a lot of employment options to consider.

Nursing is among the oldest of professions, and with modern medical breakthroughs a nursing job can be highly lucrative. A nursing job will require you to be dedicated and diligent. If you don't think you would enjoy giving 100% you probably won't enjoy a nursing job.

However if you like science and medicine and enjoy helping people, a nursing job could bring you great satisfaction.

Many options in work environment exist in nursing jobs today. The common picture of a nurse is of someone standing next to your hospital bed, but today nurses perform many different functions both in hospitals and patient homes. You'll find a lot of nursing job options available in an environment that will suit you.

Private nursing jobs may involve working in a hospital or home with a single patient, helping them recover from an illness or surgery. Caring for a patient with a chronic or terminal disease could also be a private nursing position.

Another nursing job, that of Hospice Nurse, works with dying patients and their families to ease the death transition. Hospice Nurses also act as liaison between doctors and medical staff, allowing the patient to remain at home where they are comfortable for the remainder of their life.

More traditional nursing jobs involve operating room nurses. These nurses are the surgeons right hand, and must have a good understanding of the procedures being performed and the equipment used. If you are detail oriented, a job as an operating room nurse could be for you.

Can you remain calm in a crisis? If so, a job as a trauma nurse could be right up your alley. These nurses work in large hospitals or trauma centers, and may be responsible for helping save the lives of people injured in accidents or catastrophic events.

Institutional nurses treat all manner of sickness and injury in young patients. If you are someone who likes kids, you might enjoy this type of nursing job. Institutional nurses work in schools, colleges, shelters and nonprofit organizations. This is a low-stress nursing job where you could get to know your patients.

Today, home health care nurses work in a variety of settings from the rural to the urban. This nursing job involves traveling from patient to patient, caring for their needs and relaying medical information to doctors and medical staff. Home health care nurses help patients to remain at home and still get the care that they need. As a home health care nurse, you would need to use mobile equipment to monitor patient health. This nursing job would allow you to interact closely with patients.

Another nursing job is that of hospital nursing. Hospital nurses are expected to master new equipment and technologies quickly. This nursing job involves responsibility for patient care as patients recover from surgery or sickness. The speed of patient recovery depends on the care hospital nurses provide. This nursing job is very satisfying when patients improve under your care.

Get started on your nursing career now! Check into local nursing schools and ask about the curriculum. With qualified nurses in short supply, nursing school graduates can choose their employers and receive hiring bonuses as well.

Sue Holsinger is the web author of and []. These websites provide an online resource for those searching for information about nursing and nursing jobs.

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Ahad, 1 November 2009

Good Blog Content

By Jeremy Long Chia Teik

In blogging, content is the lifeline of blogs. It is what makes each blog ticks, come alive or stand out from the rest. We cannot dispute the fact that content is the driver and the direction that the blog is moving is controlled by this driver. Whether we like it or not, content remains the primary yardstick to the success of each blog. Therefore, it is not wrong to say that good blog content matters the most as far as the success of the blog is concerned.

Blog content is read within the posts that are placed in the blog. It follows therefore that before posts can be made, content must be developed first. Such content development can be initiated through writing, compiling and linking. No matter which route is chosen for content generation, the fact still remains that it has to be developed first and has to be of quality and relevance to the title of your blog, that is to say, it must agree with your niche.

Often a mind-boggling question is the topic of frequency of posting. How often is a blogger required to submit new posts? What kind of posting schedule is preferred or should be followed? There are really no hard and fast rules concerning the frequency of submitting fresh posts. The one thing to look at is how much time can be spared for writing the new posts. Each post would require different amount of time to think out what you intend to say, read and edit what is being written and counter-checking spelling or grammatical errors. The point here to emphasize is that a fresh post will be best written at a time slot which you really can afford to spare, so that it will not be completed without inspiration but with refreshing zest and creative imagination.

Blog content may be generated in various styles best suited to your blog:

(1) Compiled -- This permits quoting content from other blogs or experts with proper referencing .

(2) Narrative -- Similar to an essay which can either be lengthy or short.

(3) Link lists -- This style is time-saving. What is needed is merely creating the links and organizing them.

(4) Supplementary links -- This requires creating the links in HTML within your posts for content similar to yours.

Throughout the presentation of the blog content, it is always good to be the voice of the blog, that is to say, be yourself. Write as you think and keep the thoughts flowing smoothly, continuously and creatively real. Should any idea for a blog post pops up, it is always beneficial to write it down first and post it later. Do not neglect this idea as it may turn out to be your blog's number one post!

To write good posts, good content is the prerequisite. This can be generated if it follows certain guidelines:

(1) Be attention-seeking

A piece of good content is attention seeking. It contains information that is helpful and valuable to visitors who will return to source for others. Your blog will be bookmarked in the process. It will become a popular resource blog.

(2) Inducing subscription

With the content that is updated on a regular basis, it is good to provide visitors with a subscription feature. They will be able to subscribe through the feed system on your blog.

(3) Always aiming for more links

None is further from the truth that if your blog has more incoming links, your rankings on search engines will vastly improve. This is a result that will happen only after your blog has gained a favorable impression with other bloggers in terms of good blog content. In their eyes, your blog is their valuable resource center.

(4) Welcoming comments

To encourage openness and friendly interaction, always encourage visitors to post their comments on your blog. It is good for self-development. Comments should be taken with a positive mindset.

(5) Encourage action-taking

In your content, it is always possible to arouse the interest and urgency of the visitors to engage them in your call-to-action undertaking. It has to be one call that is strong and emphatic.

When there is a vast amount of posts on your blogs, it is good to place them into archives. The archive feature stores and places your posts in neat arrangement on daily, weekly and monthly basis. Your posts should be placed in categories that they fit into. Categories can be customized to your taste, style and creativity.

Generating good blog content should be the dream of every blogger. It will bring satisfaction and joy knowing that your blog content is well read by visitors and that your blog has turned out to be the hot favorite as a valuable resource.

Webmaster: Jeremy Long Chia Teik.

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Jeremy Long Chia Teik - EzineArticles Expert Author

How to Be a Good Blog Writer

By Anirban Bhattacharyya

Writing is an art, and presenting content, wrapped up in finest language, is a skill which one acquires over time. It is a known fact that everybody cannot write fiction, as fiction is narrative in representation and you need a plot, a story as its background, leaving aside the wizardry over the language. But I believe, one can always pursue non-fictional writing, as it has nothing to do with flair of writing. If you want to be a good non-fictional writer, then you should know your subject well and you have the minimum mastery over the language, so that you can represent facts in an articulate and coherent manner.

However, the boundary between 'once a writer', writer and a good writer is wide. If you don't have ample knowledge and information then once you can write a good article with all the little information you have but you can not produce good content always. A writer is in better position than 'once a writer', but obviously he lacks some virtues which a good writer possesses.

Producing content for professional reasons or for someone is the job of content writer where writing only for you and distributing it for the spread of knowledge is the passion of blog writer. Money is always important but it cannot be the purpose for joining blog community. Other than having an in-depth knowledge in his subject and his aptness in reflecting the same in words, a good blog writer is ethically strong. George Orwell once said;

"A scrupulous writer, in every sentence that he writes, will ask himself at least four questions, thus:

1. What am I trying to say?

2. What words will express it?

3. What image or idiom will make it clearer?

4. Is this image fresh enough to have an effect?"

All these points alluded by him are very true and in this article I tried to expand the view.

  1. Be true to yourself: You know you cannot exist as a writer if you do not have any reader. It is readers who give you the crown of writer, so you shall not forget your readers. In the initial phase of writing, you build a reader community and it's equally important for you to retain them. If you are not true to yourself, if you are stealing content and marketing it in your name, then one day you will get exposed. And on that very day your reader base will turn away from you, leaving you in lurch, groping for survival.
  2. Reveal the source: We all know you are neither an information warehouse nor a production center. So, you definitely have some source of information. If the source is not electronic, then you might have the liberty to keep it secret. But publishing the link of original source not only increases your sense of honesty, but also gives the reader the chance to read more on the same topic. Do not think that, this will make reader to get more inclined to source. This is not true, as reader will come back to your site, because they will know from you they can start developing their knowledge base.

"Even in literature and art, no man who bothers about originality will ever be original: whereas if you simply try to tell the truth (without caring twopence how often it has been told before) you will, nine times out of ten, become original without ever having noticed it. [C. S. Lewis]"

  1. Don't propagate negativity: A blogger can be critic but he can't be a biased enough to attack others or spread negativity through your blog. Also a blogger should be extra cautious when the subject is sensitive. Political or religious topic might hurt some of your readers which you are not aware of. So balancing between two poles of debate is very important.
  2. Know your subject well: Context is king, so even if you are very good in English, still you must have a good knowledge base before you start writing. You can't fool readers and you should keep aside yourself from this intention. A very good preparation will also help you to represent facts in much lucid way.
  3. Write contemporary: Don't write anything which do not fit the current context. Like writing a review of old-fashioned, obsolete cell phone, will always be sent to trash by readers. Also while writing, please be aware that if there already happened any advancement of knowledge. In this world, people progress every second. So if you thought of any subject a week ago, then it is always better to brush up your knowledge on any recent progress of the topic.
  4. Never be grandiloquent: If you are not writing for any English thesaurus, then it is better to use common words instead of big bombastic words. Use of phrases and group verbs often make your article more attractive and lucid. "Don't use words too big for the subject. Don't say 'infinitely' when you mean 'very'; otherwise you'll have no word left when you want to talk about something really infinite. [C. S. Lewis]"
  5. Be roman when in Rome: There exists a blogger community and you are a part of it. So respect all bloggers and read their blogs, comment properly, so that others don't think you are from Mars. Be a good member of this fraternity and link others to your blog and they will reciprocate by visiting yours and linking to you.
  6. Write proper English: Ultimately you are expressing yourself through a language and so your knowledge over the language is important. Using abbreviated form of English, as we do in chat or IM, as well as using colloquial words and slang should be avoided.
  7. Never personify: It is well if you write some paragraph about you and it is amusing until and unless it is attracting me. But I am not at all interested in knowing you, your personal trip unless there are some interesting aspects in the facts. So, try to avoid personification of the subject.
  8. Keywords: If you want to make your blog easily accessible through search engines you have to know the keywords of your subject and you have to use it somewhere. Like if you are writing review of any mobile phone and drop the keyword cell phone, then people who are searching cell phone will miss your blog. As the blog will not be indexed against the keyword. You shall not jump into using all keywords but a select few which has higher ranking in terms of search density.

Anirban Bhattacharya is an open source programmer and has almost 8 years of industry experience. For the past 5 years he is an active coder in LAMP (Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP) technologies. He has wide knowledge in project management and software development life cycle. He spends his free time in writing technical articles for his blog

His past experience has enabled him to gather knowledge on various open source technologies, PHP frameworks and other related areas. He can be contacted at

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Anirban Bhattacharyya - EzineArticles Expert Author

5 Tips For Developing Good Blog Topics

By Codrut Turcanu

Blogs often fail because their owners run out of topics to write about, and in a fit of frustration and writer's block, they give up. People have trouble coming up with ideas oftentimes, and that's okay. It doesn't say anything bad about your ability as a blogger. It just means that you need to come up with a new method of developing ideas.

Here's a good writer's best kept secret: when you run out of ideas of your own, look to other people for inspiration. The following are great tips for developing blog topics when your own creativity well comes up dry:

Tip for Developing Good Blog Topics #1: Go to the Search Engines

I myself have found Google to be very accommodating in providing me with blog topics. Run a search that focuses on your blog's niche. For example, let's say that your blog's niche is tattoos. You may consider typing the following phrases into the search engine:

• How do I get a tattoo?

• I'm having problems with my tattoo

• I need help with my tattoo

Look through the results and see what you find. People read blogs in order to find out information. "How to"-type topics are great, and this is a great way to find them.

Tip for Developing Good Blog Topics #2: Join a Forum

The majority of Web Sites today have forums. Join forums that focus on your blog's niche and see what people are talking about, and then make them the focus of your blog. I've found that this method usually provides weeks' worth of blog topics.

Tip for Developing Good Blog Topics #3: Check Out Other Blogs

This doesn't mean that you should copy their topics. Remember, one of the main ingredients in developing a strong blog readership is to provide topics and content that are unique. However, reading other peoples' blogs usually provides inspiration and often promotes the chance to write about a topic from a fresh perspective that people will enjoy. Again, don't copy other peoples' blogs!

Tip for Developing Good Blog Topics #4: Watch the News

Local and national news shows are always abreast of the latest topics and trends in the world. They also provide a plethora of blogging ideas to choose from. You may not always find information that suits your blog's niches; however, you should still stay tuned in to the news to make sure you don't miss out on the chance to write about a topic before others do.

Tip for Developing Good Blog Topics #5: Ask Your Readers

A good blogger always provides a way for his readers to contact him. It's a great way to build relationships with readers and to keep them coming back. If you feel like you're running out of blog topics, then ask your readers what they would like to read about.

When you go in search of fresh topic ideas it is important that you do not plagiarize. For starters, it's unethical, and secondly, it means that your blog is not cutting edge and will not stand out from the many other mediocre blogs on the Internet.

It's common for people to run out of topic ideas for their blog. When this happens to you, don't panic and don't give up on your blog. Instead, get creative and let the ideas of other people inspire you.

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Good Blog Traffic - How to Get It

By Mark West

Most people who are into blogging share the same goal and that is to express their thoughts or share their views, opinions, feelings, and everyday experiences to others. You can only do this if you have readers who will keep on following your updates and posts. It would be better if you keep on improving your blog traffic so you can share your thoughts with more people. But how do you improve your blog traffic?

Your main purpose for creating a blog site is not really a main concern. Some people blog to make money by promoting their online business or by attracting advertisers, while some just want to expand their circle of friends. Either way, you will still need to drive more traffic to your site to get the most out of blogging. Another important thing in improving your blog traffic is to keep your readers interested in following your posts. This is also considered by some as one of the most difficult part of blogging because readers could easily get bored and they would surely stop following your updates once they have lost interest in them.

The main key to keep your readers coming back for more is your blog content. You should always write quality content and this means that it should be beneficial and useful to your readers. Most readers like to read blogs that could provide them with useful information. It would be better if you will write your content in a friendly and conversational manner so your readers would feel that you are personally talking to them. It will somehow build a friendly connection between you and your readers so they will surely enjoy following your posts. You could also include some links and tags that will take them to another site that you think is relevant to or could support your content.

Seeing your blog traffic increase should not make you stop from writing content and posting more blog updates. Always find some time to create a new and interesting content and post on a regular basis. Even if readers like your previous posts, if you failed to give them more to read, there is also a very big chance that they would stop following you and this is the last thing that you would want.

It would also help keep your readers interested in your blogs if you will let them share and express their thoughts and opinions about what you have written. This way, you can make them feel that you are not only interested in generating more traffic to your blog but also in hearing what they have to say through comments and feedback. Make sure to respond to their comments and don't forget to thank them for taking time to post a comment or a feedback.

You should constantly look for some ways to improve your blog traffic so a little reading would help a lot. You could search for new write ups that will teach you new ways to optimize your blog to make it more search engine friendly. You could also look for some information that will teach you what you should and should not do because these things could greatly affect your blog traffic. Be more concerned about your readers and concentrate on what they want and what they need and you can be sure that they will appreciate your every effort.

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Online Nursing Degree - Learn While You Earn

By Ekta Jain

The great thing about securing online nursing degree is that you are in a position to pursue your training without leaving your present job and more so immediately after earning online associate nursing degree.

The availability of online degree courses in nursing makes it easiest way to gain the requisite qualification for furthering your career prospects in nursing. Earning your nursing degree online in a way is easy as you can obtain your advanced nursing degree as per your convenience from your home or at work if you have any spare time as such it is up to you- it is all online. You will enjoy the convenience of attending class online anytime day or night. Thus you will be in full control of your education. You can take or attend all your classes without staying at campus. You will enjoy the convenience of attending class online anytime day or night and in fact you are you are in control of your education.

The versatility of online degree programme in nursing provides you with a new learning experience by choosing your study hours to your convenience .The online students can be from different places and therefore never meet but can interact with each other online in order to participate in group discussions, projects, workshops. The students pursuing degree in nursing from online nursing school need not wait for textbooks to be published as they are in position to access the latest research projects for completing their assignments.

The online nursing degree program in fact is a blend of theory and advance clinical practices that will certainly make you to understand the nuances of nursing in a better way. On earning online nursing degree you can help your patients more effectively and play a vital role in developing your health unit where you are presently working.

Associate Degree Nursing Online caters to the need of people who have interest in acquiring professional qualification in nursing field. An Online Nursing Degree can take you to great heights. Know more about Online Associate Nursing Degree Schools here.

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